Trying stand-up comedy in her 40's, because being a broke single mom just wasn't stressful enough.

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CNN story

I am 2 for 2 in getting my iReports chosen to be vetted by CNN and to appear in the feature story.

I wrote the producer and thanked her and told her that I could be depressed that my life is CNN-worthy, but that I choose to believe that they like my writing style instead. She wrote me back and said that my writing style is entertaining, relate-able, and captivating and that in this case, they really wanted the point of view of a single mom. I’ll take that.

2013.03.18  10:52am  

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  1. fromthisdreamforward said: Just make sure that you’re not so famous when I roll into town in June that you’re all like “Melanie who??” :-P
  2. trnsatlanticfoe said: Congrats! :D
  3. theopenroad1978 said: Enjoyed your piece. And that needs to be a euphemism.
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